Saturday, November 11, 2006

Centering Centerpoint

There are a lot of problems in the last installment to the Star Wars EU. Bloodlines was my first novel from Karen Traviss, and while she does have a decent grasp of writing, it doesn't read like Star Wars.

But all that aside, this is about Centerpoint. A spacestation which is described as having a circumference of 350 kilometers and a length of 1000 kilometers. And even more interesting is the fact that it is described in Showdown at Centerpoint as:

The enemy could have hidden a whole fleet of Star Destroyer-type warships in there, and a whole army of stormtroopers.
I just want to put into perspective just how freaking big Centerpoint is. This is a construct that makes the first Death Star look like a small stone.

Now, everyone knows that Centerpoint plays a big role in Legacy of the Force, and I have two distinct questions involving it. One involves Anakin and the other involves just its status in general.

First the general stuff. My biggest question regarding Centerpoint and Bloodlines is just how big does Ms. Traviss think Centerpoint is? After all, this is a construct used as a self-sustaining settlement at one point in time, yet she believes that a blockade would have an affect upon it. What is even more amazing is that this is the same blockade used against Corellia and its shipyards/orbital factories. So how exactly did it move from the lagrangian point between Talus and Tralus?

Of course this sudden movement on the part of Centerpoint is just a minor symptom of the entire ignoring the other four life sustaining planets which are part of the Corellian System in Bloodlines. It was as if the author decided that she didn't need the other four planets, so she moved Centerpoint to an orbit around Corellia (also ignoring the effects such a move would cause to Corellia itself due to a new construct in orbit which is larger than a moon) and just dropped Selonia, Drall and the twin worlds.

My other question about Centerpoint, is just how did they get it activated?

My thoughts come into play based on discussion found in Jedi Eclipse:
And this is where you and you alone figure in the scheme, Anakin, because many of the scientists are con vinced that the system still bears the imprint you imparted to the repulsor here on Drall, and that such a network can be brought into synchronization only by you." Ebrihim reinforced it. "Eight years ago you were responsible for disabling Centerpoint. Now you may be the only person who can successfully rehabilitate it."
We have canon material stating (and backed up by the action found in the text) that only Anakin Solo can bring Centerpoint online for a defensive/offensive capability.

That begs the question: "Just where does the Ani-bot come from?"

I mean, how was it created? The medical data needed to produce it should not be available any more after the conquering of the world where the son of the Chief of State would have received all medical checkups. And while, a copy of Anakin's medical records may have been on Yavin, they didn't have time to retrieve those records either.

And even then, would more esoteric biometeric data such as Anakin's aura be recorded?

No, there are definite issues on just how the Ani-bot was created.

Why Ani-bot was used rather than Anakin Solo himself? That is easily answered, in the animosity between Thrackan and Anakin.

I still don't believe that Anakin is dead, as his 'death' scene has enough holes in it to drive a truck through (much the way that Alema's did and look how that turned out Mr. No Resurrections).

So the big question here would be how would Thrackan have gotten his hands on Anakin? Well, we know that the Vong used the Peace Brigade to transports slaves and prisoners. And we know just who was the leader of the Peace Brigade when Ylesia fell.

As you can see, I have some definite issues with Centerpoint's role in Legacy of the Force. Yet we're not provided any clear answers just yet. I just hope that whatever happens to our cast of Star Warriors in Tempest which means that they can't produce the DP for Exile ultimately involves Anakin Solo.

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