Saturday, May 5, 2007

M. John Harrison, Spider-Man and a TPB

Congratulations are in order for Mr. Harrison. Apparently, he's gone and wone the Arthur C. Clarke aware for 2007 for his novel, Nova Swing. The SWFA site has a news release about it.

Of course, now I must go find this novel-and apparently purchase it as my local library does not yet have a copy of it. I can only hope that my trip to the second-hand bookstore next week sometime is more profitable in this regard, plus I'm hoping to pick up a cheap copy of Mr. Scalzi's works.

The next thing of interest (to me at least) is that I ordered Star Wars: Legacy Broken TPB on Wednesday and it should be here soon. I would say Saturday, but I don't think UPS normally does deliveries on Saturday, so it'll probably be Monday. Luckily, I made the intelligent decision to purchase it online rather than at a physical store the way I did with the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Commencement TPB. After shipping and everything, I saved myself... well a dollar, but hey, that's still a soda out of the machines. If I wasn't so impatient, I guess I could have waited until Sacrifice was released or maybe have ordered something else so that I got the free shipping, but oh well. So a couple days after it gets here, we'll get a review for that.

The other thing of interest (again, to me at least) is that I went and saw Spider-Man 3 this morning. An 11:30 A.M. showing on a digital projection screen. It was a beautiful thing. I love that theater. Anyways, my thoughts on the movie will be up sometime soon as well-just need a bit more time to hash out my thoughts so that I'm not just writing "Wowzers, that was great!" or something equally trite like that.

The final thing of interest (again, this is probably just for me) is that I'll be watching Children of Men sometime tomorrow. I have to watch it before 10 P.M on Sunday as that's when its due back at the video store.

All this to do, plus my that David Weber book (800+ pages!) and Jo Walton's Tooth and Claw to read and review. And I got to do that work thing that actually pays the bills sometime in there as well. Ah well, life is fun when it's hectic.


RJ said...

I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on Legacy. And hearing your thoughts on Spidey and Children of Men.

Stephen Wrighton said...

Thanks! Legacy shipped this morning (evil Books-a-Million apparently doesn't understand what 2-3 day shipping means) so I should get it tomorrow... hopefully. My thoughts on Spidey are up now, and I'm formulating them for Children of Men now...

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