Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend was quite busy.

There were two birthday parties, one for the downstairs neighbor's 1 year old little girl and the other for my little brother's 4 year old stepdaughter. My eldest son had great fun at both of them, but between that and just the general effects of living, I didn't get to prepare that much content for this upcoming week.

Oh yeah, the fact that I was reading Sacrifice also plays into my lack of time. That review is done, and should be up over at TheForce.Net soon (I'm still waiting to get my account straightened up so I can post such things myself). A few days after it goes up over there, I'll post it here.

I'm also writing the review to SW Legacy: Broken TPB, that shouldn't be too much longer in the making, and it will probably go up both here and at TFN on the same day.

The other thing is that Mrs. Kidan has rented Pan's Labrynth for me, so I'll be watching that in the next day or so, and get a review up of that soon enough.

The final thing I'm wondering about is if I should start including reviews for Anime and Manga here. I watch a decent amount of the stuff, and enjoy it immensely, but I'm not 100% certain if it falls under the purview of this blog. I know some of the stuff I watch does (as they're sci-fi animes) but if I start doing anime reviews, I'd probably want to review everything I watch and not just the sci-fi ones.

So, I'll let that rest with anyone who stumbles upon this post and comments. I'm a democratic sort, so majority rules.


Thrawn said...

Looking forward to the reviews.

Stephen Wrighton said...

So that's one for having anime included herein..

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