Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Review: Rocket Girls

Okay, since there was only the one comment about the Anime, and that one seemed to like the thought of having the Anime reviews, here we go.

The first Anime I'm going to review is one entitled Rocket Girls. The synopisis for this show is (from AnimeNewsNetwork):

A high school girl Morita Yukari visits Axia of the Solomon Islands in order to look for her father who became lost during his honeymoon trip. There, she meets a man named Nasuda of Solomon Space Agency, and she is hired to work part-time. That job is – an astronaut.

We're five episodes into the story, so I'm just going to give brief blurbs for all of them here, and do more focused reviews later.

Frankly, I downloaded this show on the strength of the name alone, and thought it was a cute story for the first episode, and that's why I decided to continue getting the episodes.

As described above, the story starts out with a sixteen year old girl, Morita Yukari, going to the Soloman Islands trying to find her father. After various hijinks ensure, she is recruited by the Soloman Space Agency to become their astronuat. It's a rather thin reason for the show, but it is amusing, so it works in that regard.

Yukari here is something of an idiot though. Well, I guess it is to say she is a typical Anime heroine in that she doesn't realize just what sorts of a situation she has gotten herself into here. But that's okay, because it's part of what makes her character endearing, when some of her character traits are a tad annoying.

The second episode starts her training, and introduces the second of the rocket girls (and also Yukari's half-sister) Morita Matsuri.

The third episode continues their training, and shows Yukari trying her best to NOT be the one to go up into space. Of course, a talk with one of the other characters makes her realize just how important it is to everyone, so she decides to start being serious about her training.

Episode four is the required beach episode, and the two heroines spend most of the episode in a bikini. That said, important things happen here. Yukari begins standing up for herself, and demands to know more about the capsule and the fuel. Frankly, in early episodes I thought she was a bit of an idiot, but here she proves me wrong.

Episode five we actually get to see the rocket launch. And of course, the launch ends on a cliffhanger.

Overall, this is a fun series. Nothing too serious, or deep, just rather mindless fluff entertainment.

Which I oddly like.


Rhys said...

Just wanted to voice my support having discovered Rocket Girls - yes it's simplistic fluff, but it got me smiling and strangely enough, moved me. Halfway through the show, I went out to get some food and walking along under the stars had the urge to jump into a rocket and go into orbit, right there, and then, all fears and phobias be dammed. Where do I sign up SSA?

Stephen Wrighton said...

rhys - exactly! it's simplistic fluff, but it's fun simplistic fluff :)

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