Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sci-Fi's Ani-Monday

This article just crossed my news reader from Scifi.com:

SCI FI Channel announced "Ani-Monday," a new weekly programming block featuring anime, Mondays from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. ET/PT, starting June 11. Ani-Monday will feature a collection of movies, series and shorts from Starz Media's anime distribution arm, Manga, and marks SCI FI's first foray into original late-night programming, the channel said.

SCI FI's Ani-Monday will feature the exclusive premiere of Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society. Other titles on the horizon include the feature films Ninja Scroll, Blood: The Last Vampire, Read or Die and Blackjack. The anime block will also be home to premieres of new genre series such as Tokko, Noein and classic series such as Street Fighter II V
I am of a decidedly mixed mind over this decision. On the one hand, I think any additional anime offerings in the states is a good thing. In fact my favorite part of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim is the anime offerings they provide - I can't stand the other fare such as Tom goes to the Mayor and Moral Orel.

Yet, I'm still hesitant about this. I'm almost scared that it can reinforce sterotypes about anime and anime fans. A fear that is partly reinforced by the list provided in the news release. The titles picked appeared aimed at the Sci-Fi Channel's core demographic of 18-30 year old males that are interested in science fiction.

And I can understand this decision. I don't have a problem with it. My concern is the lack of drama-based anime on broadcast television. I have a hard time convincing my wife that anime isn't just big explosions and giant robots, without the help of the American media machine.

Oh well, I guess I should just be happy, after all I really want to see Noein.

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