Saturday, May 26, 2007

Star Wars - 30 years

Yesterday was Star Wars thirtieth anniversary.

I'm always amused by the fact that it's the same age as myself.

Anyways, there are two things that have drawn my attention recently. The first is Tales of the New Republic. This is an animated trailer for a cartoon series featuring the events that occurred after the Original Trilogy.

While some of the images from it are awesome, there are some that are oddly... well, ugly. There's some serious questions on whether or not this is an official LFL project or if this is a fan-film thing.

One of the main reasons for the confusion is the fact that they're using the Star Wars Animated logo and the character designs appear to be based on the animated maquette series of statues. A series of statues, that even though they claim to be based on Star Wars animation have nothing to do with the Clone Wars cartoons or its character designs.

Of course this is offset by some of the uglier character designs (such as Mara Jade) which don't quit fit in with these items. At the best, it shows a couple different animators whose work aren't quite in sync with one another.

The other reason I don't think it's an official product is the use of SiteBuilder by the website author. Of course that could just my programmer instincts rearing their head.

The second thing that caught my attention today is this article about Star Wars concepts that are seriously lacking in the comic books.

Two of those I really agree with are numbers 6 and 3, which are Anakin Solo and Infinities respectively.

I'm an unabashed Anakin Solo fan. I think that he's probably the most dynamic and strong character to originate in the Expanded Universe. I make no qualms with my thoughts that his death was a truly poor decision on Del Rey's part. So anything that gets us more stories featuring the next Luke Skywalker is a good thing from my point of view.

Now, what the author of the article is suggesting for the Infinities logo is also a good idea. Every now and then there is a discussion of rebooting the EU, and while I can see the appeal of this, I would be annoyed if all those books and TPB's that I've bought suddenly weren't part of continuity and were basically pointless wastes of money. Using the Infinities in an Ultimates style reboot of the universe is a good mid point between the two concepts.

Oh well, those are my thoughts for the day at least.


RJ said...

From what I've gathered, that animated thing is fan-made. It looks pretty cool to me as a non-computer professional.

I would love more Infinities in the Star Wars universe. I don't support a full re-boot, but more explorations outside continuity would be cool by me.

Thrawn said...

The TotNR site has been updated with a preview and a disclaimer:

"We have been completely overwhelmed by the online response this teaser has generated.
We can 100% assure you that this is NOT an official Lucasfilm production and is in no way connected to them.
Many thanks to everyone.
We will be updating this site once we return from Celebration IV"

Stephen Wrighton said...

RJ: yeah, it's fan made, but I can still hope ;) After all, there's only so much Clone Wars stuff that one can take... likewise, I think the TotNR stuff is a better looking trailer than the CW one on TOS.

Stephen Wrighton said...

Thrawn thanks for the disclaimer notice. When I visited earlier, I was able to view the trailer, but didn't see the disclaimer at all.

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