Monday, May 14, 2007

Star Wars Canon

Okay, now I know they're doing this type of stuff just to annoy me. Tasty over at the Star Wars Official Site has stated a brand-spanking new canon level in a forum thread. This is what he has to say:

regarding the 3d clone wars cartoon and the live action star wars tv series, are they g-canon or c-canon?
So far I'm using the term T-canon for the upcoming animated series and live-action series. Nothing prior is being considered T-canon.
For anyone who's not aware, a few years back, LFL created "levels" of canon for material produced by LFL. Movies where granted a level of g-canon or the highest possible. Novelizations were immediately beneath that. Below them where c-canon or the novels/games/comics (the Dark Horse stuff).

To top all that stupidity off, the earliest EU source material was deemed non-canon, as well as (somewhat randomly) the anthology comic series produced by Dark Horse. Then to make it even more confusing, anything referenced by later material suddenly, magically becomes canon.

But not the whole story of the reference, just the reference.

So I have to wonder where this t-canon is going to come into play at. Sometimes, I have to wonder if LFL does things just to drive me bonkers.


RJ said...

The levels of canon in Star Wars are an odd thing. In some ways, I admire their tenacity in making everything 'canon' if at all possible. But then, at times, I just wish they'd let stories be stories and not worry about ret-conning and levels of canon-icity.

Stephen Wrighton said...

oh, I love the concept of canon, and how they force things to be internally consistent. My complaint is the concept of 'levels' of canonicity. Something should either be canon or not.

McEwok said...

Sometimes, I think Leland Chee is a great guy doing a difficult job remarkably well--not just wrangling the vast chaos that is Star Wars canon, but manoeuvring very elegantly between the Scylla-and-Charbydis opinions of the fans who're obsessed by the details (you don't fall into that category, though I might).

Other times, I think he just does thinks like this to wind up the entire fandom.

Stephen Wrighton said...

I think Mr. Chee is doing a great job - it's not an complaint about him, as much as it is about the whole level nonsense. It frustrates me.

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