Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ani-Monday part 2

Well, Noein and Tokko aired their second episodes last night, and they still lived up to my expectations of a English-dubbed anime. Which is to say it was somewhere above nails on a chalkboard. But, hey, I'm still liking the story in Noein, and am still ambilivant towards the story in Tokko. I think I might check out the related Tokko manga, to see if it has a decent storyline.

In other news, I either misread the Ani-Monday website yesterday, or it was wrong, in which episode of Macross PLUS was going to air. I say that, because the site now lists that part 3 will be airing July 2. We'll have an appropriate flogging for such mistakes next week or something.

Oddly enough, the part of Ani-Monday that I enjoy the most are the switches to commercials. When they switch, they will often have a scene from the anime redubbed in an amusing manner. For example, during Noein there was a scene where they were seeing ghost-like people due to mergings in the timeline Well during the break redub, they had Yuu saying "I see dead people..."

Or another time, they mocked Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block of programming.

Additionally, they have it set up as a caption contest over on the website. That alone makes me want to continue watching.

And then my wife sat up to watch it with me. And by sat up to watch it with me, I mean that she sat on the couch with the laptop, mainly ignoring the television. Except to glance up occasionally and make snide remarks.

I would be irked, but most of her comments were amusing.

Oh well - I still love her, despite the fact that she still won't tell me which Star Wars book she's reading. Of course she wasn't all that happy when she discovered my comments in my PotC entry when she went to read this blog last night.

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