Monday, June 18, 2007


Eek, SciFi Channel's Ani-Monday programming block is ramping up this week.

On the list for tonight are:

Of those three, Noein and Tokko are of the most interest to me. MACROSS Plus was originally an OVA (4 episodes, of about 40 minutes each), but is considered one of the best anime productions out there. So I might as well watch it, since I'll have confiscated the television from the wife.

I'm still crossing my fingers for subtitled over dubbed animes-but considering that the average American consumer is too stupid to read, I doubt we'll get that loveliness.

The other thing of note (at least to me as a programmer), is that the website over at for this programming block really sucks. It's just a listing of this weeks fares, with no interactivity at all. I mean, I expected to be able to click the title of the shows to get information about them, and instead I had to run over to wikipedia to get it. Disgraceful, especially after their other sites (for Eureka or the Stargate franchise) are so pretty.

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