Thursday, June 14, 2007

Content is king - deposed by the Wii

I'd love to tell you that I have some wonderful new content for you this morning. Some witty insight into an aspect of Star Wars, or maybe even a review of the anime Coil: A Circle of Children which I've been meaning to write.

I'd love to be able to tell you that.

Unfortunately (well, for the content at least), my wife made a purchase last night of something that I had been asking for since before Christmas. A Nintendo Wii. Yes, it was my Dad's Day gift, but heck, I can't let a $250 piece of equipment sit unused for four days. That's sacrilege.

So, rather than writing that review or that nifty piece of insight into Star Wars lore or even any fan fiction-I played Wii Sports. Heck, I didn't even draw anything, and almost didn't watch the animes for last night.

Did I look goofy with the nunchuck in one hand and the wiimote in the other while playing the boxing game? You bet. Was it fun despite that? You bet.

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