Monday, June 25, 2007

Ramblings of a...

I almost put diseased mind, but then thought better of it. But I have to wonder if that's not the appropriate term.

Yet, enough of that. Tonight is the continuation of Ani-Monday. We have the next episodes of Noein and Tokko and then the fourth part of Macross PLUS. Which I think is odd, since I am fairly certain the first part was played last week.

Anyways, I'm hoping that I can suffer through the voice acting long enough to enjoy the story, and determine if this is a series that I'll want to purchase in the future in the SUBBED version. I'm fairly certain Tokko won't be, too much fan service, especially in the relationship between the lead character and his little sister.

Other thing of interest on the SciFi Channel is that Eureka should be coming back on soon. I like that show, it's light-hearted sci-fi fare, and just overall fun. I hope they keep it that way.

What's coming up for No Krakana? Well, I just finished reading Scalzi's The Ghost Brigade and will have a review of it up soon. I'm still deciding whether I wish to rip apart PotC: At World's End or not. Frankly, I think the less I think of that movie, the happier I'll be.

Then, I'll be watching giant robots next week or so, so expect a review of that.

Anime-wise, a lot of the ones I've been watching have finished or are nearly so. Rocket Girls went out with a whimper, and I've dropped most of the other sci-fi based shows that I was watching (i.e. Heroic Age) because they... well were less than stellar. I'm still hoping that IDOLMaster Xenoglossia can ramp up its storyline, but I've no faith in it. Then the slightly fantasy based SOLA only has a single episode left, but though it's an interesting show, I enjoyed AIR and KANON much more.

Final interesting tidbit is that my wife has picked up her first Star Wars novel. She won't tell me which one she's reading (for various reasons I think it's either The Final Prophecy or Heir to the Empire), but it should be an interesting conversation with her once she's done.

It all works out in the end, I guess.

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