Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Thank you Hollywood for raping my childhood...

I... I'm flabbergasted. Utterly and without hope about the future of silver-screen entertainment.

I remember a time when we were given new franchises, beautiful new stories up on the silver screen. Things such as the wonderfully animated The Last Unicorn, the fun The Ice Pirates, and of course we can never forget The Time Bandits.

Ultimately, sci-fi/fantasy was quite often as fun as it was thought provoking, but in addition to that, it was almost universally new.

When they did do tie-ins to existing series, what did we get? Star Trek: The Motion Picture or better yet, Howard the Duck.

Yet, among the upcoming movies is a live action Speed Racer. Which I must admit, the screens I've seen of the Mach 5 look awesome. Then of course is Bay's promise of big explosions... err.. I mean Transformers which looks cool, but then Michael Bay's movies ALWAYS look cool, they usually fail on substance.

Yet, what brought this diatribe against the movie industry to the fore this morning? The fact that a news story from SCI FI Wire carried to my eyes that they're making a live-action Thundercats movie.

Yes Thundercats.

You know, big feline humanoids. Growing swords. A cheetah in spandex. And the big bad guy is a transforming mummy.Yeah, those Thundercats.

I'm scared for this bit of my childhood. Scared that the costumes are going to look something like this:

of course there is always Cheetara...

Anyways, that aside, I don't have high hopes for this movie, and am scared of another desecration of a classic animated series. Why couldn't the movie have been animated? I still don't understand the thought process that animated fare is children's fare. That's not true. Yet of course, that is what happens, that is the fact of things. Heck, even my wife sees things in that light. She doesn't really understand my love for animated movies and television shows. Of course, I don't understand her love of Law and Order so I guess all things are equal.

Anyways, I'm left wondering when we're going to get a Silverhawks or The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers movie.


RJ said...

Thunder, Thunder...Thunder, Thunder...Thunder, Thunder...Cats!

Mmm, Cheetara.

I really have hit early-middle age when all of my childhood favorites are now being remade. Has the live action GI Joe already been greenlit? Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow seems like a natural on the big screen.

Stephen Wrighton said...

ya forgot the "HO!"

and yeah, Cheetara...

I can relate about the early-middle age thing. As for GI Joe, well, the Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow was a big part of that last toy push, and I think there was a DVD release related there. *shrugs*

Thrawn said...

I'm still holding out for a G.I. Joe live action film. Wahlberg as Duke, what could be better than that?

Stephen Wrighton said...

I can see Walhberg as Duke... makes a lot of sense actually... how about Alba as Lady Jaye?

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