Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ani-Monday on July 09

More Ani-Monday, and yet again, another jab at Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Frankly, if I was the type to stop watching tv shows because of the ads, those would do it for me. It just seems petty and in poor taste. What's worse is that the jokes aren't funny.

And speaking of jokes, this weeks re-dubbed "joke clips" were well, less than stellar would be putting it nicely. Frankly, there wasn't a single one that was funny, and there were actually less of them.

Noein did a bit to imply answers, without actually giving any, and we got to see some of the interpersonal relationship between the girls. It was a really good scene as they fought over a boy, with one of them not entirely certain why they were fighting. We also get introduced to Noein the main antagonist of the series, and the mysterious old mans who knows everything but only gives out cryptic clues. As an extra special note, it appears that the Golden-Girls-on-crack souther accent is not a thing of the past, as we were given one that was not quite as over-the-top as it was in that first episode.

Tokko on the other hand is still performing soundly and getting better. That is not to say that it didn't have its drawbacks. Mainly in that while we were given a few answers, the episode did not pick up right where last episode left off, leaving me with a slight disconnected feeling. The relationship between Sakura and Shindo is also starting to get interesting, with her showing visible concern for him at the end of the episode.

I'm still not watching Macross PLUS.

Next week it will be replaced by Street Fighter II though. Of course I am uncertain if it is the old animated movie or some other piece of media of which I am currently unaware. Not that I really have any interest in seeing it in the first place. After all, from my understanding the only thing it has going for it is a Chun Li shower scene which got censored in the US version. Basically, this is the type of anime which nicely reinforces the stereotypes of Otaku.

But who knows, I could be mistaken and impressed by the drama and artistic creativity of the show.


Okay, I'd probably have a better chance of getting a decent Star Wars storyline out of Del Rey/LFL.

Is anyone else watching these series?

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