Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ani-Monday on July 17

More animated goodness, and yet again, my wife stayed up to watch them with me, or at least Noein, as she went to bed at the start of Tokko.

Anyways, Noein is still in mysterious mode, but there's a lot more information sitting there for those of us who don't pay 100% perfect attention, and haven't read the Wikipedia site which tells us what's going on. We know that the Dragon Torque (Haruka) can do a lot of things, one of which is allow it's bearer to choose the future, and basically flip out one dimension/timeplane for another. Then while the time-traveling versin of Yuu tried to save her by taking her to Yuu, he got forcibly pulled back to his own time, taking Haruka with him. Why he didn't just put her down on the steps in front of Yuu, well who knows.

Of particular note, there was an Ouija board scene this episode which raised my wife's scorn, and led her to tell me in no small terms just how bad the dialog and acting was. I think she was surprised when I agreed with her, stating "unfortunately, that's what happens with subs." And in truth, that was a particularly horrid scene. I still lament the fact that American voice actors don't seem able to act, or at least the ones that the anime licensing corporations hire. After all, we know Americans can generate good animated fare, look at The Secret of Nimh. It's 25 or so years old now, and still is an awesome movie with great animation.

Tokko on the other hand is still performing admirably. It has settled easily into its groove of supernatural horror, and the nearly incestuous relationship between the main character and his sister is now somewhat downplayed. Additionally, we got a decent amount of exposition which explains just what is going on. Of course, this means that the police investigator who's at the heart of the story, really didn't have to do all that much investigating to figure things out.

Then finally, we have the re-subbed clips which Ani-Monday uses as bookends for their shoes.

Tonight, was all just repeats. What's worse, is that they were all repeats of particularly bad ones, or ones which were only amusing the first time. At this point, I'm wishing they'd stop showing the things.

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