Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ani-Monday on July 23

Well, we had yet another Ani-Monday last night, again, I only watched Noein and Tokko, not being quite able to force myself to watch Streetfighter II.

As it sometimes happens, my loving wife stayed up with me, though she wasn't really watching, but rather reading something on the Internet. Which really isn't a problem until she suddenly started yelling out loud: "The voices! The voices! Make them stop!"

See, she doesn't even like Anime and she has an otaku's view of English-dubs.

That was during Noein. During Tokko her mouth dropped open as she stared at the screen as the characters cursed like the characters in live-action prime-time television shows do. I was amused, as she started talking to the television, telling it that this was a cartoon. I know she's read this blog, so she should be well aware of the fact that just because something is animated doesn't necessarily mean it's for kids. In fact, I wouldn't allow my 4 year-old to watch these shows. They're not for him. They're for teenagers and adults.

Regardless, in Noein, Haruka is in the future, dragged there at the end of the last episode. She spends the episode not believing anyone, until she manages to find her way to the surface and discovers that her hometown is a destroyed waste land. This episode does give a decent amount of backstory, telling us why the Dragon Knights are searching for the Dragon Torque, and what's at stake. It also introduces the concept of someone who watches the universe but is outside of it. Which immediately makes me think of the Old Man that occasionally appears to Haruka.

Not the strongest episode, but it wasn't horrid. Of course it was about halfway through this when my wife started screaming about the voices. Amusingly enough, the character who in the first episode sounded like Blanche on crack and Red Bull was on the screen that she did so.

Then I watched Tokko. Which was filled with expositionary dialog. So, now the main character has been told everything he needs to know. Which means that the viewer has been told everything twice now. Alas.

On a more positive note, the little-horndog-incest-sister is only in one scene, where she's wondering why her brother wasn't home yet. To answer that question, he was out with the lieutenant with the magic non-breast-revealing jacket. Lucky him, he gets to almost see the breasts of a character that's not a first-order relative.

Oh well. Next week we skip our regular anime adventures and get to see the movie: Highlander: Search for Vengeance. I'm hesitant, but will probably put in the effort to watch it.

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