Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ani-Monday on June 02

Well, we had more Ani-Monday last night, and something odd happened.

No, it wasn't that my wife watched and was enthralled by the anime (see Sweetie, I can bring you into a topic, even if you go to bed early).

But, rather I found myself liking Tokko more than Noein last night. It wasn't any change of quality on Noein's part that done so either. Though, the Golden-Girls-on-crack character was on last night, and her voice wasn't quite the same ear piercing horror that it was during the first episode. The issue, if there is one, is that we still don't have a lot of answers as to what's going on-though maybe we might start getting them. I know a bit about Noein because I looked it up on Wikipedia, but if I hadn't done that I would probably be smacking my head against the wall, trying to figure out what's happening.

Yet, despite that, it's a good thing. You're having to pay attention and follow along with the small clues that they have dropped in order to figure things out yourself.

Tokko on the other hand is more action-oriented. so we get wide angle blood sprays and odd jackets that cover up one character breasts even as she jumps around with the jacket unzipped. How that works, I'm not entirely certain, but I guess I have seen stranger things. Then additionally, the sexual tension between the main character and his little sister is incredibly out of place, and highly disturbing. If anything damages this show, it would probably be that. After all, there is no way normal siblings would call one another "Sexy."

It's just not right.

Again, I could not bring myself to watch Macross PLUS, but at this point it would be a futile effort as I'd be coming into the game over halfway through the OVA series.

The re-subbed clips are still iffy on how well they work. Sometimes they're hilarious, other times less so. This is especially true when they take jabs at Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Frankly, it's childish and though both Adult Swim and Ani-Monday are going after the same demographic, they aren't really doing it in the same time slot. They're not direct competitors.

Anyways, next week is more Noein and Tokko as well as the final episode of Macross PLUS.

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