Monday, July 2, 2007

Feedback Dance

I can admit it, I'm a feedback junkie. I love my feedback. It gives me warm fuzzies inside. As an aside, those who read my bloglet will know some of this information already, but it is presented in a slightly divergent form here.

So I'm a feedback junkie, now imagine my surprise with Thrawn McEwok (Paul Urqhuat of TF.N's Books section) came to me (via IM of course, I doubt he'd jump a plane across the Atlantic just to give me a link) and provided me a link to a rant from one LadyElaine over at LiveJournal.

The point of her rant? A scathing diatribe against my TF.N article Looking Back and Thinking Forward.

Like I said, I got warm fuzzies.

So, being the feedback junkie that I am, I hit up Google trying to find more feedback about my article, and came across Darth Irv's Blog, where he reposted the article in its entirety. I mean, wow, what a compliment.

More warm fuzzies.

Well, when I put this information up over at my bloglet, one of the commenters posted that I shouldn't be too disturbed by LadyElaine's blog entry.

But, do note that I wasn't upset over the content of the blog entry itself. After all, my entire article was my thoughts and opinions. It was an editorial. LadyElaine is perfectly justified in producing a response to those thoughts and opinions. Additionally, she is allowed to produce that opinion in as scornful manner as she so desires. After all, she published it on her blog. It's not like she came here, or to TF.N's Lit Section, and started saying hateful things about me personally.

And pay very close attention to her writing, she very deftly steps aside insulting me directly, rather she attacks my ideas, thoughts and concerns as posted in the article.

Of course, that is not to say that she doesn't present some facts wrong (i.e. Chewie was not specifically approved for death, rather he just wasn't on the list of folks that couldn't die) and then came to some rather odd conclusions from the text (i.e. the article doesn't excuse those fans who sent death threats to Mr. Salvatore, but rather indicates them as the end result of the decision to kill Chewie).

But again, what can I do? As a writer, I can merely push my ideas out there to the world around me, and basically see how they stick. There will always be some people who agree with me and some who don't. If everyone agreed with my text, with my ideas, well, it wouldn't be a very good editorial, now would it?

What to expect this week from No Krakana?
Well, I have finally written that review of The Ghost Brigades which I promised last week (will be posted tomorrow morning), and then I have gotten SW: KotOR volume 2: Flashpoint TPB and should have a review of that written before the weekend. Finally, I will be going to see the new Transformers movie either Wednesday or Saturday morning. Of course, when I go see it will have a definite influence on when I'm able to produce the review for that. In the anime world, Sola has just finished up, and I'm planning on writing of review of that series. The final thing for this week, but is something that might not get done until next week, is an editorial about animes/cartoons and their transformation into a Live Action format.

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