Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday Morning Rambling...

Well, it's yet another Monday morning, where I get to tell everyone just what my plans are for No Krakana this week. Why I do this, I'm not 100% certain, because I rarely get to do everything I wanted to do for the week. I'm fairly certain most of you don't care. And finally, well... I can't think of a finally. It is Monday morning after all. Regardless, it's my blog, and I want to regal you with this, then it's my prerogative.

As usual, we have Ani-Monday on the SciFi channel tonight. Our star shows are Noein and Tokko. Also this week, we have Street Fighter II. Yeah... I'm looking forward to that one, let me tell you. Why can't they just go ahead and jump to Read or Die? Of course I have

Additionally, we have my Transformers review. Which I've still not written (and is the cause of my wife to sternly look at me last night and say, "It's a blog. Just write your thoughts in that little window").

And of course, Eureka season 2, episode 2 is airing on Tuesday night. Which I finally did watch Eureka 2-1 . After having missed it on Tuesday night. Twice.

The first time I missed it was at the 8 P.M. showing because we were watching The Last Mimsy (ugh, another review that I've not written) with the eldest boy and the wife. The second time I missed it was at the 11 P.M. showing as... well I'm not sure what happened there. I looked at the clock one time, noted that it was 10:43, and the next time I looked down at the clock it said 12:34. So yeah... Anyway, thanks to the joy of streaming video over my high speed internet connection (and my wife for pointing out that HAD streaming , I was able to watch it on Saturday night. All I've got to say is: "Henry! :O "

... I may need to get some emoticons for this site...

Back on topic. Upcoming things I hope to get done this week: Transformers review, The Last Mimsy review, discussion on the balkanization of the United States from Friday, state of society according to Starship Troopers, and of course Ani-Monday discussion after tonight's airings.

Now, shall we start taking bets on what I actually do get done?

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