Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday Morning Rambling...

Well, it's Monday Morning, and that means that it's time for me to list out the things that I probably won't get around to this week.

First, as always, is Ani-Monday on that useless picture-box tonight. Maybe they can continue to push my expectations for Noein down and Tokko up with this weeks episodes. Additionally, the last hour is still taken up by Streetfighter II. Don't expect any comments on it.

Other news related to my anime addiction... Well, I can't think of any. There's a couple series which only have an episode or two left, so I'll get reviews of them up as soon as their final episodes come out. I did drop School Days as it was boring me, but at the same time I picked up something weird called Mushi-Uta. All I know is, its about bugs, super-powers and fights.

Ah well...

Last Friday, I was lamenting about my lack of speculative fiction to pursue this weekend, but that's just because I was stupid and had forgotten that the last Harry Potter book was getting released. I got that Saturday-and no, I did not get it at midnight, nor did I wait in any type of line. Books-a-Million had plenty in stock. Piles of the things, in addition to the boxes they kept back for those who pre-ordered.

So, this means that I am adding Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to my stack of things to review. Currently also on that stack are Transformers and The Last Mimsy. Which of those three reviews I'll get to first, I don't know, all I do know is that even my wife is now pointing out that I should have had the Transformers review done by now, and she's not even that interested in speculative fiction.

I still hope to get those fun essays about society, filtered through Heinlein out, but who am I kidding. I might get to them one day, and in fact, my vacation is coming up in less than a month. Seven days of being stuck on a mountain without dedicated internet connectivity. If I don't get caught up with my writing there, well there's no hope for me then.

My good friend, and fellow TheForce.Net/Books contributor Paul (a.k.a. Thrawn McEwok) has a great editorial series running on Who is Darth Krayt. The first part is now up over at TFN and can be found here.

Speaking of TFN, there are still a number of books that don't have reviews up for them yet, so those are also on my list of things to do. But at a much lower priority.

Ah well, I guess that's it for this Monday, enjoy your spec-fic this week.

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