Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday Morning Rambling...

Another weekend has came and gone. Lost now to the mists of time are all those chances to read a bit of science fiction, or watch the latest and greatest anime.

Of course, those lost bits of time were spent with the family, so I guess that that was a fair trade at least.

If you've stopped by or looked through the RSS feed, you'll notice that I finally managed to put up that Transformers review. Truth be told though, I've already stacked something in its place that I need to review, Heinlein's novel, The Cat Who Walked Through Walls. I finished that somewhere around Thursday of last week, if not Wednesday, so let's see how long before I get its review up.

For Ani-Monday this week, we have a movie: Highlander: Search for Vengeance. How well this movie was put together, and how well it flows with the live-action movies and television series? I have no clue, though I probably will by midnight tonight, and more than likely I won't be regretting it. After all, they only have to be better than Highlander: The Quickening to not be the suckiest thing in the Highlander series, and that ain't hard at all.

This bit from last Monday's ramblings still holds true:

I still hope to get those fun essays about society, filtered through Heinlein out, but who am I kidding. I might get to them one day, and in fact, my vacation is coming up in less than a month. Seven days of being stuck on a mountain without dedicated internet connectivity. If I don't get caught up with my writing there, well there's no hope for me then.
And I went to see Shrek the Third yesterday. But I don't think I'm going to review that, as it was more of the mindless entertainment drivel than anything worthwhile. Though it did have some funny moments. It's also possible I'll be going to see Meet the Robinson's sometime this week, and I really want to see the new Harry Potter movie, but who knows when I'll have the time.

Air TV Vol. 1 DVD MenuOn the anime front, the wonderful slice-of-life show, Hitohira, about the drama club, is over, I'll smack together a review of that soon, and a couple of new shoes dropped in my lap (Mononoke & Shiguri). What they're about, who knows, but I'm willing to give anything a shot at least once. Additionally, the Air TV Volume 1 DVD is out now (or at least has been reviewed at Anime-Source). I love this anime, and Pi, when you're reading this, read that as a hint saying: Christmas.

One final thing, I finally gave in and put up a MySpace page at There's just too many things that point that way, and then you have to be a 'member' to view them. And it's not just the private profiles, but also pictures and movies. Highly annoying to me, but it is done.

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