Saturday, July 28, 2007

My son...

I have an infinitely amusing story to tell you all tonight, yet to fully understand, I must tell a short story from my days as a somewhat arrogant teenager. Back in those days, I was often the smartest in the classes, books-wise at least. Today, I realize what a cad I could be, and the lack of common sense I would often exhibit. Anyways, I had a favored saying for when I would be questioned about the facts that I would spout:

I know everything, I just can't remember it all at the same time.

Even then I had a bit of a sarcastic streak.

Anyways, I even held that arrogance once I entered college. In fact, it wasn't until I got married that I realized just how little I knew. Additionally, make no mistake, I was being sarcastic and well, was amusing myself at least. I knew that I didn't know everything, but compared to some of the people in the public education system, I might as well have.

So, my parents and my wife all know, and easily recognize that saying. All of them, having been on the receiving end of it over the years, and my wife has tossed it back at me a number of times over the years since we have had kids.

She's got a bit of a sarcastic streak like that. One of the many, many reasons why I love her.

Now, for the amusing story. We were going over to my parent's house to drop off the eldest one for a short visit, and having a discussion on something, what it was escapes me at the moment, and is ultimately unimportant.

For my son, with the perfect deadpan face, looks up from the action figure he was holding and said:
I know all things.
Oh yeah, that is SO my son.

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