Friday, August 10, 2007

Covering a Revelation

The Official Site has revealed the cover to Legacy of the Force #8, Revelation.

The full link is here, but they don't provide a lot, not even the back cover blurb. Of course that's reasonable, since we should get some good things happening in Inferno, and Fury.

Well, maybe not necessarily good, but something should happen.

My personal thoughts on the cover is that Jacen just looks off. His chin is too small, the shadows are in the wrong places. This gives his whole face just a mismatched look. And then he's also a hunchback, or at least looks that way.

Behind Jacen, we get a bunch of TIE Fighters and a lone X-Wing, and then some explosions that may or may not be a Mon Cal cruiser. Which of course makes me wonder just how the Empire is going to get involved here. And on which side.

Oh well. We'll find out soon enough. God help us.


Thrawn said...

Rules of the Sith
#24: You gotta look freaky!!

Stephen Wrighton said...

LOL Aye, that's true...

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