Monday, August 6, 2007

Monday Morning Rambling...

Another week has now come to us, bringing with it all the joys and hopes which only speculative fiction can provide. Okay, I can admit, it's way too early on a Monday morning, and I'm trying my best to be positive as the coffee does its magical workings on my nervous system. If I start twitching soon, then I'll know I've had enough. Until then, more of that delicious black goodness, please!

Anyways, this week, we have the usual mixed bag of odds an ends.

Ani-Mondays is back to showing Noein and Tokko this week, so that's tonight. Hopefully, it will be a while before we see another movie as horrid as Highlander: The Quest for Vengenance.

I've given up on writing a review for The Last Mimsy, as I've not gotten it even started yet, and I didn't make any notes on my thoughts about it the way I had done for Transformers. More on this, when I post my review of Meet the Robinson's later in the week (probably Wednesday), as I wrote about it at the start of that review while writing it review yesterday. Additionally, I'll be writing up a review of Heinlein's The Cat Who Walked Through Walls sometime this week.

As for those essays on Heinlein and society that I've been talking about nigh upon a month now, I'm still looking at them and I really want to do them, but I end up staring at the monitor blanky kind of drooling when I realize that I still love the concepts, but cringe at the workload. What can I say, I have a definite lazy streak, watching anime is much more fun than doing research for what amounts to an essay for an English Lit class. I wasn't that fond of Lit when I took it for my degree, I'm still trying to figure out just how it is that I convinced myself that writing that style of essays for fun would be a good idea.

And that particular note, brings me back to what started this all: Star Wars. It was my love of Star Wars EU which caused me to open up a blog on the EU featuring reviews and essays, and that will always be a prime aspect of this site and myself.

Anyways, this talk of articles reminds me of my next idea for one, though it is primarily for TheForce.Net. What I'm wanting to write about is the usage of the term "talifan" and the impact it causes on fan/creator relations and the dialog between them. Though I think that this particular essay will also be able to be cross-posted on my political based blog The KrashPAD.

Beyond that, I'm about half way done with the Rosetta Codex and hope to have that review up by the end of the week. After I run through that book, I'll start on Titan by Ben Bova next, also, don't hesitate to make suggestions on things you'd like to see here, or have me read. I can admit that unless I get suggestions otherwise, I'll probably stay in a more or less 'safe place' on the books I purchase, as I'm cheap, and only want to buy things I know I'll read again (though I'm much easier on what I check out from the library, as I've mentioned before, the spec-fic collection there isn't that great). Do note, that I'm not promising to take your suggestions, just that I'll take them under consideration.

A final note, soon, I'll be on vacation in the woods of North Carolina.

So, in recap:

  • No to reviewing The Last Mimsy
  • Yes to reviewing Meet the Robinson's
  • I promise I'll have the review of The Cat Who Walked Through Walls up this week... or next
  • Ani-Monday tonight features Noein and Tokko
  • I still want to do those essays on Heinlein and society
  • I now have another essay to do for TheForce.Net
  • Rosetta Codex is about half way done
  • Don't hesitate to suggest things for me to read.

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