Thursday, August 16, 2007

More news on the SCIFI Front....

Apparently, ABC has taken a page from NBC's playbook. After the success NBC had with an American remake of the British hit The Office, ABC has now decided that it too shall steal show ideas from overseas. Apparently, ABC is dealing with an Americanized version of Life on Mars staring Star Trek & Stargate alum Colm Meaney (source).

This show is about a cop who gets transported back in time to the 1970's while hunting for his kidnapped girlfriend. It has a solid basis in speculative fiction, so I may watch an episode or so.

The next bit of news I found interesting this morning was the possiblity of a remake of Fantastic Voyage. The interseting thing is that, contrary to popular belief, Asimov did not write Fantastic Voyage. He wrote the novelization of the movie. It's just that the book was released six months prior to the movie, leading to the confusion. Anyways, Roland Emmerich is said to be helming this movie, and one can only hope he does a better job than he did with The Day After Tomorrow.

The final bit of news is, well to me, the most interesting. SCIFI.Com reports that Jeff Carlson is about to publish his debut novel, entitled Plague Year. The simple, one-line synopsis provided by Mr. Carlson in that linked interview for this book is thus:

The story takes place a year after a cancer-treating prototype broke loose and devoured all warm-blooded life below 10,000 feet elevation.
It's an interesting take on things, and one that I'm actually interested in reading from the interviews with the author at the link above. It's already at Books-a-Million (in paper-back happily enough) so I'll have to see about slipping down there and picking it up. Though that may have to wait until September.

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