Thursday, August 2, 2007


I love Stargate. I loved the original film when it was released in the nineties. I've loved both of the series that have been produced. I not even ashamed to say that I've read the comic book.

So, the Comics news site Comic Book Resources has an article up about some of the cast of Stargate SG-1 and their appearance at ComicCon (here).

We've known for a while that there were more direct-to-DVD movies coming, featuring the cast (with Ben Browder as the lead of SG-1). What is news to me at this point is the confirmation of a third Stargate television series.

I'm just happy to have more Stargate goodness to use in my continuing geekification of my boys.

Also, in that article, though unrelated to Stargate, Mr. Browder has said that he may be involved in the upcoming Farscape web content. Which is a good thing, especially if they can get Ms. Black back in her role as Aeryn Sun.

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