Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yeah, well.... I didn't watch it last night...

Much to my own chagrin, I failed to watch Ani-Monday last evening on the television. When I got home, I fed my youngest son, and he then dropped off to sleep on my lap (and he was in dire need of sleep) so I was stuck in my chair during dinner, and my mind has been wandering a bit of late.

So by nine at night, I had this somewhat nagging feeling that I was forgetting something. So I went to Chick-fil-a and got a large thing of sweet tea to see if that helped. Not surprisingly, it did. The nagging feeling was subsumed by the rush of that sweet nectar, provided by those cows who can't spell.

At least until 11:15 when I sat down at my pc, and double-clicked my anime folder to watch the newest episode of Code E.

I then proceeded to smack my head once or twice, as the realization that I had forgotten ani-monday slammed into me. And I was really hoping that I would be able to watch an entire season of a television show on the television.

Of course, that is not what irked me most. What really got me, is that I remembered that hey, SciFi Channel has this nifty broadband website called SCIFI.Com/Pulse which sends streaming video of their television shows to users. Including the non-original fare, such as Star Trek: Enterprise. So, I thought, in my naivety that they would include their animated shows in that as well. After all, it makes sense to me.

Well, apparently what makes sense to me, does not make sense to the powers that be over at SciFi.com. There is no way to watch missed episodes, and of course these animated shows are the only thing on the SciFi channel that aren't repeated two dozen times in the course of a week.

It's almost enough to make one sigh. I hope that the Anime Network would get used in more markets. Unfortunately, I think the idiots at the various cable channels believe that since they have the Cartoon Network, that that's good enough for animated fare. Oh, what I would do for cable a la cart. There is nothing more that I want than that. Not to have to get this huge package of channels which I don't care about (yes, I'm talking about you, History Network, C-SPAN and ESPN!) and be able to actually just pick and choose those channels that I would actually watch. My thumb would no longer have to flick between 70 channels, but rather the two dozen which my family actually use.

Alas, my pipe dreams aside, my apologies for missing this anime, and thus not having any real content for you to read today.

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