Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ani-Monday for Sept. 17th

Well, another Monday has come and gone, and thus we've gotten another episode of Noein and Tokko. Of course, Ani-Monday also showed two episodes of the anime Streetfighter II but I happily ignored it, turning off my television set after Tokko finished.

Something that I am ecstatic to announce is that the Sci-Fi channel has woken up to the fact that their little endcaps are rather...lackluster at the moment, and that until they come up with new ones, they're better off not really showing them. Rather than having an endcap at every commercial break, there was only one per episode.

Anyways, in Noein we got to the Karasu and Fukurou fight. Nice, bloody, devastating to all the characters involved. I enjoyed it. Beyond that, there wasn't a whole lot to report. Haruka has started to learn about what she is, and more on what she is capable of, which is a good thing.

Over on the Tokko side of things, we have what appears to be the most psychologically damaging episode yet, at least for our main character. Sakura is still reeling from the coop of her brother by the phantoms, and we see more of the main bad guy's efforts to corrupt Ranmaru. Especially chilling was seeing that purple mist which comes from the bad guy's mouth come out of Ranmaru's.

Surprisingly, I'm enjoying Tokko a whole lot more than I actually expected. It helps that the whole sister-love stuff has taken a backseat to the main plot.

Next week, we get more Noein and Tokko, so I'm happy. For whatever reason, while I'm writing this, the scheduling display on SciFi.com gives me errors whenever I try to see what's playing on a Monday in October, so I don't know when the next movie will be, nor do I know what show we'll get once Noein and Tokko are over, and for the record, next week's should be the last episode for Tokko.

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