Friday, September 14, 2007

A Friday Rambling?

I can admit it. I don't have content for today.

Between the sinus problems/mild cold and Metroid Prime 3 for my Wii, I just didn't have enough time to gather things together. Then this morning, I woke up, looked at the tasklist, and saw that I was supposed to write something for today, and that it was in that nice red color for a missed deadline.

I'm just happy that they're self-imposed deadlines.

But, do believe me, I do have a list of ideas that I plan on using for articles. Currently, these include:

  • The use of "Talifan" in the discussion between creator & fans
  • S-Groups/Marriages & Sex in Spec. Fic. What it holds for our future?
  • The balkanization of the United States
Two of those you might recognize, as they've been simmering in the hind-portions of my brain for quite a bit of time now.

But, because I feel bad about the lack of today's content-and let's be honest, this is something of a tripe post and all. Just me yammering about what I intend to do and all. As you may notice, I get easily sidetracked in these rambling posts.

So, I was reading through the 300 items that had accumulated in my RSS Reader overnight, and one from SCIFI Wire caught my eye: Highlander's Paul goes to the source.

My first thought was: Isn't that franchise dead yet?

My second: Isn't Paul tired of Highlander?

Let's be honest here. The last few Highlander movies have sucked. More to the point, everyone BUT the first one did. The television series was fine, as you could squint your eyes, and pretend it was set before the original movie, yet all the rest of the movies, were after the Game which was the focus of the original movie. Disgusting.

But this movie, according to the link, deals with the "source" of immortality. It scares me. I'm serious, I'm typing this from beneath my desk, shuddering, and clutching at my stuffed Ewok. No, wait, that's my 10 month old trying to pull out my power cords.

Seriously, though, they've tried this whole source thing before. It gave us Highlander 2: The Quickening. And does anyone need a reminder of the awfulness of that movie?

Actually, to be perfectly frank, if you've never saw the original movie, two wasn't that bad (I actually saw that one first). It's only when you shine the light of the original Highlander on them that the other movies are revealed for horrible, horrible, twisted, evil things. Kind of like Johnny and the Sprites, but for adults.

Other science-fiction news? Well, yesterday I saw reports of yet another nostaligic-based rework of a classic SF franchise is underway. This time, Buck Rogers gets the knife. Actually, all these reworks of classic SF makes me wonder if in 2040 they'll be "re-imagining" franchises like Space: Above and Beyond or Firefly or better yet, Star Wars.

Actually, I wouldn't mind another Space: Above and Beyond series. Or one like it. They could mix in Star Wars and call it X-Wing: Rogue Squadron.

Ah, well, that's enough pipe-dreams and fluff for one day. Expect more rambling on Monday, AniMonday stuff on Tuesday, and I'm hopeful for essays the rest of the week.

p.s. Who would watch a Space:1999 remake?


RJ said...

I'm looking forward to your thoughts on "Talifan".

Also, I do read all of your posts. You're in my Google Reader, so I'm reading just not commenting much. Keep up the great work!

Stephen Wrighton said...

Well, I've got to get those thoughts in coherent order and written down first :) Hopefully, I'll have time for that this weekend. But it's one of those best laid plans sort of things.

As for the posts & reading - thanks!

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