Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Morning Rambling....

Well another weekend has flown past, and I'm once more scrambling to figure out just where my days have gone. Only to be reminded why my days fly past, as I am once more spat up upon by a 10 month old climber. I'm serious, this boy climbs more than those silly monkey's in Tim Burton's remake of Planet of the Apes.

We have one of those Fisher Price Step & Play's. That blue seat in the center comes out, for when kids become cruisers, and of course, that's where we're at with the thing. So basically, it's these two white bars with a space in the middle of them. Well, my boy was outside this toy, basically where that logo is, and rather than walk around it, climbed over it.

Or well, he tried to climb over it. He kind of had to get rescued once he got up on the white part.

But that's all well and good, as I then got to watch part of the Family Guy Star Wars special. Part, because I kind of well, dozed off during the last quarter of it or so. Basically, I saw Luke leave Yavin in an X-Wing, and the next thing I know my wife is poking me, saying, "Are you sleeping or are you faking?"

BUT there was a number of bits that had me laughing. Stewie as Darth Vader was just perfect, and Peter's comments about Harrison Ford's post-Star Wars acting career was spot on.

Of course, the funniest aspect of that special last night was something I found after it was over. I had gotten up out of bed, and went to check on the boys. Pause for back-story here: my wife was watching Cold Case or one of those oddball shows in the living room, which left me with my animated goodness in the bedroom. So on with the story; I went down the straight hallway which connects our bedroom with the boys', and almost stumbled over this Thomas the Train fold-out bed/couch thing that was sitting in the middle of their bedroom doorway.

Which hadn't been there when we had put our eldest boy to bed.

Slightly confused, I checked on the youngest in his crib, ensuring that he was sleeping and not climbing out. I then went and pulled the blankets up over my older boy. I turn around, and what do I see? The television from my bedroom. If I listen hard, I can even make out what they're saying.

So yeah, that's my boy. He snuck out of bed to watch a cartoon. I'm highly amused, though worried at the fact that he didn't think to clean up the Thomas couch in order to hide his tracks. Thought I taught him better than that.

Oh well, I'm sure we'll have similar attempts in the future where he can better ply his duplicity skills, and this way it also preserves the omniscience of Mommy and Daddy for a few more years, or at least months.

Hours maybe?

Regardless, we have Ani-Monday tonight as usual. It's episodes 13 for both Noein and Tokko. That's it for Tokko, the final episode for that particular anime. What that means for next week, is that Noein gets pushed back into the time slot currently occupied by two episodes of Streetfighter II and a new anime (Virus Buster Serge) gets two episodes for that first hour's time slot. So, basically next week, we get two episodes of this Virus anime, and two episodes of Noein, and no episodes of Streetfighter II. I'm excited.

Speaking of anime, we were in Wal-Mart earlier last week, and as we walked past the oriental food section, I saw a small red box which startled me. I recognized this box. I knew it. From the blocky writing, to the rip-off Coke swirl. One of the first anime's that I watched after I got really involved in my latest obsession was Onegai Teacher, and the female lead of that show was always eating this stuff.

Have to say though, they're not that great. The biscuit base isn't that bad, it's just the decision to use chocolate liquor as the coating. The only worse possible decision, from my point of view at least, would be if they used non-sweetened chocolate, or dark chocolate. I would have been much happier with a milk-chocolate coating. Mmmm....chocolate...

Culinary adventures aside, I am excited over the upcoming week's television, I must say, I'm highly interested in the fact that we're being overwhelmed with scifi television shows and fantasy movies this fall. On the small screen tonight, we're getting Chuck, the first episode of Heroes' second season, and Journeyman. Tuesday is Eureka night. Wednesday night is the premier of Bionic Woman. Thursday is Reaper. Friday night has Doctor Who, Moonlight, and Stargate: Atlantis. Well, Friday night also has Flash Gordan, but luckily for us, that's not getting renewed for a second season. And somewhere in there is supposed to be Pushing Daisies but I didn't see it while looking through TV Guide.

Anime news I'm still in kind of a waiting mode. Kenichi and Kekkaishi are still going strong, and Dennou Coil has a good ten or so episodes left (if memory serves). Zombie Loan finished last week or so, but beyond that I'm fast running out of anime. I had been thinking about grabbing the entire season of School Days once that finished airing, but with the murder of a detective by his daughter over in Japan, it seems that the final episode has been pulled and won't be aired. I'm saddened by the death of the detective, flabbergasted by the concept of patricide, but still, oddly confused by the decision to pull the episode. This detective isn't the only person that died this year, and it's odd to make such a decision to pull the episode just because this particular murder has garnered international attention. But, I'm odd that way.

On the book front, I'm still trudging through the second book I checked out of the library (The Stonehenge Gate), and have went around the house, gathering old books that I don't read - oddly enough, most of them are my wife's - and plan on trekking over to the used bookstore tomorrow or Wednesday on lunch. I may be able to return victorious with more books. Additional fun news is that I received my first ever review copy of a novel in the mail over the weekend: Simon Haynes' Hal Spacejock. Expect that review up as soon as I get it read. Also of note, is if you're interested in writing at all (and even if you're not), Simon Haynes has a number of free software products on his other website.

Nothing exciting for me beyond that, but I do have to wonder which television series are you looking forward to the most? Personally, it's a toss up between Heroes season 2 and Moonlight.

Now, if only I had the memory to actually remember to go watch these things when they aired, or even later on their respective websites as a streaming video. Maybe one day I'll get a DVR.

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