Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Morning Rambling

Well, it's another Monday morning, so that means it's another rambling post. Some odd little facts, Fact one, I have an average of 12 RSS/email subscribers to this blog. Got to say, that gives me some major warm fuzzies there. Fact two, these rambling posts get more hits than any of the other ones I do. What's the point of that information? Who knows, I just felt like sharing.

Anyways, while I was talking to the wife about this little fact at lunch yesterday, her response was "well, that's the day you talk about me." Gotta love my wife, she's always willing to make sure I don't get an ego. Yet, there is a good thing to report about my beloved and scifi. As a response to Mrs. L'Engle's untimely death earlier this month, she has resolved to re-read A Wrinkle In Time. A book which her father used to use as a punishment tool, and as a result of that forced reading as a child, she has somewhat bad memories of the book. With, Mr. Jordan's untimely death, I have to wonder if that means she'll now read the Wheel of Time series. I'm sure her brother will let us borrow them.

Since this is Monday, that means we get Ani-Monday tonight. After Ghost in the Shell last week, we're back to Noein and Tokko in the first hour and Street Fighter II in the second. I so can't wait for that to stop being there, but oh well.

In other Anime news, Zombie Loan finished on Sunday, so I'll get a review of that up soon. I also hope that I'll get a bit of time to watch the last few episodes of IdolM@ster Xenoglossia and try out Sky Girls sometime soon, both of those series have somewhat stalled whenever I tried watching them previously. Also coming up is Clannad, an anime based on a visual novel by Key. Outside of that series though, I'm not entirely certain what anime series are coming up. My usual source for such information (the boards at is oddly silent, and let's be honest, I'm obscenely lazy in hunting down this information.

On the book side of things, I finished Scalzi's The Last Colony, and have written up the review for that novel, expect it to be up on Wednesday or Thursday. I then wandered to the library on Saturday afternoon, and grabbed two more novels to read: Doctorow's Eastern Standard Tribe and Williamson's The Stonehenge Gate. So, we have more reviews coming down the line. Also, next month is a busy one for Star Wars novels. On the release queue are Death Star by Micheal Reeves and Steve Perry, Republic Commando: True Colors by Karen Traviss and then Legacy of the Force: Fury by Aaron Allston.

Yet, above and beyond that, what amazes me the most is just the sheer number of fantasy movies that are being released this fall/winter. Walden Media has been busy. Me and the wife went to see Stardust on Saturday and just wow. By the fifth preview my wife would just look at me and say, "Yes, we'll go see that one too."

Additionally, there are those essays on the back burner which I talked about on Friday. I just hope those come over as well as I expect them too, but I doubt it, as what I've written on the Talifan bit just isn't what I was expecting to write. Oh well.


Dawn said...

No, no, no (insert kicking & screaming) I WILL NOT read Wheel in Time!!! And you can't make me!!

Stephen Wrighton said...

:) Come now Princess. You know you want to read it.

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