Thursday, September 6, 2007

StreetFighter is sci-fi?

Remember back in 1994. Jean Claude Van Damme had recently released Timecop. Universal Soldier was two years in the past. And we still had a year before Sudden Death made our eyes bleed. Well in the midst of that cinema mastery, Jean Claude released a video-game tie-in movie. Streetfighter.

Surprising, eh? But of course, it's understandable, after all, Mortal Kombat was all the rage with its upteen billion versions and its movie was upcoming (Mortal Kombat the movie was released in 1995, and actually won an award for its music in 1996). It makes sense that they'd rush through and get Streetfighter out there as fast as possible.

Oddly though, this link tells us they're making ANOTHER movie based on this video game franchise. Seriously, folks, wasn't the first one bad enough?

Ultimately though, the characters and their backstories as supplied in the cut scenes and instruction manual could easily pave the ground for stories. Yet I still wouldn't watch it, much the same way I'm not watching the anime series Streetfighter II.

Then I have to wonder why this is being given a sci-fi label? This is an action adventure/martial arts movie. There's not really anything in the original video game that screams sci-fi/fantasy. At least not that I remember, don't hesitate to correct me if I'm wrong though.

But, what amuses me the most. What part of the story at the link above made me actually laughed aloud was the fact that there is a live-action Joust movie in the works.

Yes, Joust the old Atari game where you were riding an ostrich, jousting with other ostrich riding people. And when you killed them, they'd drop an egg onto the platform, which you had to pick up or else it would hatch into another bad guy, and an ostrich would fly (yes, fly) and pick the new bad guy up in order for him to now fight you.

Yes, that Joust.

You know, this game was released the year that my little brother was born. I was 5.

There was no true story, there was a gimmick. You're jousting on a giant, flightless bird.

Of course, a gimmick might be all you need in Hollywood these days. On second thought, it is all that you need. After all, they released Balls of Glory and how many Mr. Bean movies are there now? They all revolve around him being clumsy.

And people wonder why I read books as my main past time.

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