Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday Morning Rambling...

Well we're here in the middle of Mississippi, and are about to go forth to look at houses. I'm about a third of the way into Hal Spacejock and am enjoying it. More on that in a week or so. Of particular interest is that Mr. Haynes autographed it for me as well. I'm almost ashamed to admit that I didn't notice it at first. It was on the second page, and I just didn't see it until today when I was flipping through the front pages looking for publishing dates (which since it's an Australian novel, happens to be at the back).

My own obliviousness aside, I'm on a slight dearth of good SF news at the moment. I'm a bit too tired to think critically enough to generate new essays, and since I'm just under 5 hours away from my desktop and my own internet connection, I don't even have any anime's to watch this weekend. Oh well, sometime soon I'll get caught up on Nanaho StrikerS, Sky Girls and actually watch School Days.

This month we are going to get some new Star Wars novels and Transformers comes to DVD. I'm happy about that. I got a great kick out of that movie, though my son was a bit... bored during the first hour or so of it. Basically, the entire portion of the movie where there were no Transformers. Got so bad, that he was asking to go home. Maybe it just needed more spaceships.

While looking through the cable company information, it is possible that I could get the Anime Network VOD channel. I can imagine it now, all anime all the time, and it's included in the price of Digital Cable. I can hear my wife groaning already.

Alas, time to go to the hotel's lobby and get some breakfast before the realtor arrives.

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