Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday Morning Rambling...

Monday morning has once more reared its fearsome head, depriving us mere mortals of our beloved weekends. I did have a sci-fi based story about my eldest son all ready to go yesterday, but for some reason, this morning, my mind's drawing a blank when I try to recall what it is. As for my youngest, we tried on his Halloween costume on Saturday, and I've got to say it's great! We'll have pictures of it up later on this month.

Personal news is that I'll be moving from Pensacola, FL to Jackson, MS to take a new job. Later this week, we're taking the weekend for a home-hunting trip, so we'll see how much time I have at the end of it to do anything site-wise. Expect no, to little, updates the week of Oct 15th as that is the week we're actually moving.

This week on Animonday, we have two episodes of Noein in the last hour, but for the first hour we get the first two episodes of Virus Buster Serge. It's a mecha series, which Wikipedia provides this as a synopsis for:

In the year 2097 in the city of Neo Hong Kong, man and machine have melded nicely and the city has been blooming with technological advances. However, an entity that takes over the machines called the Virus is becoming a problem. For this problem, there exists the organization STAND equipped with their Gears (machine suits) led by the mysterious Raven. The latest member of the team is Serge, a man who cannot remember his past and thought joining STAND and confronting Raven would help him better understand. Little does he know how important he will become to the whole Virus conflict.
We'll have to see how well it comes out. Speaking of mecha anime though, I re-watched the anime Sōkō no Strain (奏光のストレイン) over the weekend (like I really had time for it) and will be putting up a series review sometime soon. Anyhow, here's what has to say about it:
Ralph Werec becomes a highly respected pilot and the best "Reasoner" of the military. The one now following his footsteps is Sarah Werec (his sister). Hoping that they once again will meet, Sarah trains to become a respectable Reasoner. During schooling, the area she resides in goes under attack, and she loses important colleagues. She becomes reunited again with her beloved brother; however, she discovers that he is instead the enemy.
Well, that's enough about that.

On the review front, I've finished The Stonehenge Gate and have started Hal Spacejock. As I mentioned above, I'm taking a trip this weekend, so I'll probably be reading Hal Spacejock during that drive. has an interview with Adrian Paul (Highlander: The Source) regarding the future of the Highlander franchise in light of the death of William Panzer (the creative side of the duo that produced the original film) earlier this year. Personally, I'm hoping that they'll let it die a slow, comfortable death, surrounded by its family and friends. After all, there's only so many times a franchise can be kicked and mauled by raving tigers before the fans decide it's not worth watching the next bit of drivel produced.

Though what really irks me from that particular interview is this quote attributed to Paul:
They do have an animated series that they're about to launch, which lends it to a younger [audience].
Someday, I really, really hope that the general populace of North America will get it through their collective thick skulls that animated does not equal children's. There are a number of anime's that I wouldn't let a young child see, just because they're not emotionally ready to deal with the things being shown and the themes of the series--and that's even before we get into a discussion on ecchi or hentai.

That said, how much younger of an audience do they expect for a franchise who's prime gimmick is the chopping off of other people's heads?

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