Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Morning Rambling....

Well, it's another Monday morning, and yet again time for some more random thoughts from yours truly.

First and foremost, be aware that I've don't have a lot of time these days, as I've stated in the past, I'm in the midst of moving, and lack a lot of time, what's worse is that all of my books and movies are in various boxes, save for two novels: Hal Spacejock and His Majesty's Dragon. Speaking of Hal Spacejock, Simon Haynes, the author of the series, runs monthly contests on his website for free copies of the novel, I can't tell you encourage you enough to go here and apply. Second bit about Hal Spacejock is that I've finished the novel and am in the midst of writing the review. Like everything else in my life at the moment, it's rather slow going.

There are two episodes of Noein tonight, two episodes next week, and then AniMonday takes a week off for Halloween. While I should get to watch tonight's episodes, I'm not certain that I'll have cable yet for next weeks. Nor am I certain that I'll have internet next week to actually update the blogs.

Other anime news, there are a few SF based series out this season, including Dragonauts and Blue Drop. I'm not certain how many episodes of Blue Drop I'll watch, as the manga it is based on is yuri, but the first two episodes of Dragonauts do look good. Outside of that it's the usual mish-mash of anime tropes, with a healthy dose of magical/fantasy based ones. Lastly, we can't forget Key's Clannad, which is the same folks that created Air and Kanon, is out there and being shone. As always from the Key/Kyoto Animation folks it's some beautiful work.

Saturday, I had a cute story to put up here about my kids and something one of them said that was highly Star Wars-ish, but apparently I didn't write it down and thus I've forgotten exactly what it was.


Finally, as is to be expected, I've once more given up on television. I don't know what it is, but most shows on there just don't hold my attention. Most of the time, I'm happy about that, but occasionally, I do wonder about what the rest of the nation is doing in relation to entertainment. I mean, one of my good friends told me that Flash Gordan had come up with an actual plot line. Anyways, I think it might be because, despite some things being labeled SF, most things that are show, really aren't. Anyone else has thoughts on that?

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