Monday, October 29, 2007

Rambling of a....

I guess, I'll let the lot of you decide just what these are the ramblings of.

Anyways, we've gotten the house mostly unpacked, and have finally gotten that wonderful cable package which includes high-speed internet. Let me tell you, I am glorying in the feel of once more being connected to the world at large.

Of course, this brave new world that I've managed to stumble into (colloquially called Madison) does provide some interesting odds and ends. First, there is an active Star Wars group in the area. Secondly, there are a number of used bookstores (one just down the street from me). And finally, I'm still amused by the architecture of the place.

Of course, my boys are enjoying themselves here as well. For the past two days we've been dodging my eldest boy's Galactic Heroes, and of course there is this:

Yes, that is my son coming back from the backyard, lightsabre in hand, looking for all the world like a fine rendition of Darth Emo. Of course yesterday evening, me and the boy there went out into that backyard and proceeded to smack the two sabres together. I looked over to the door to find my beloved taking photos of that.

I fear that they'll soon find their way to MySpace or something similar.

Or worse, she used the video option.

Anyways, related to Star Wars, I do have a few books I need to procure in that particular franchise. And then read and write up reviews for them.

Leading on to my other bit about reviews, and the fact that I need to finish up my reviews for Hal Spacejock and His Majesty's Dragon, and I should be adding The Jade Throne to that list in just a few days as well.

Finally, on the anime front, I've so far behind I could cry. Sadly (well, not really sadly, but you get the idea) I've managed to inundate myself with the potential for anime. I now have Anime Network On Demand and Adult Swim On Demand, in addition to having a handy-dandy DVR these days to record anime when it comes on for later viewing.

I so love technology.

But, AnimeMonday has nothing at all for tonight as they're caught up in the Halloween mishmash of stuff. Next week (Nov. 5) has Karas The Revolution airing. It's a movie, so I'll give it a try. The week after that we go back to our regularly scheduled broadcast.

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