Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Used Bookstore!

In my continuing research into my upcoming move, I'm doing random searches on the internet as I think up of things that I'm interested in. This led to my discovery of Galaxy of Stars SF convention. I'm still wondering about the legitimacy of that particular con. I think it would be so awesome to have a con to go to, but at the same time, I'm hesitant to throw money at that company in order to do so.

Oh well, back to my continuing research and NET adventures in moving.

Today, those searches have led to my discovery of a store in Ridgeland called the Bookshelf whose website claims to have 125 thousand paperback/hardback books in stock. You should see the people around the office cringe at the happy dance I'm doing.

Of slightly less interest is the Book Rack, which has stores in Jackson, Clinton and Pearl. I'm less interested because their website describes them as a paperback reseller. While I don't mind paperback, hard covers are what I really like.

Much to my wife's dismay.

And my back's dismay as I pack them all up and move the boxes around the apartment.

Google gives a few more returns for used bookstores, and also remember that a lot of these used bookstores don't have websites. So it's highly possible that there's all sort of used books for me to peruse and get. I mean, I've been wanting a copy of Niven's Ringworld for a while now, yet neither of the two used bookstores in this town has a copy, though it has been months since I've been to one of them as it's out of the way.

And just to make this post a bit more SF related, DrewK has updated his blog over at saying that he's handed in the manuscript for the PoD sequel to the powers that be. I can admit to looking forward to this novel. In fact, I'm doing another of those happy dances that gets me odd looks from co-workers. Additionally, the blog lists a December 26 release date for the novel, so I won't be getting it for Christmas. Now Boxing Day...

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