Thursday, November 1, 2007

Where Whedon Goes, Fox Shuts Down a Show...

In what to me, is a flabbergasting move, Joss Whedon has signed on to create/write/produce a show for the Fox Television network. This show will represent his return to the small screen, and goes hand in hand with Eliza Dushku signing a talent deal with Fox over the summer.

I'm of two minds of this. One, I love the thought of more Whedon fare on television. It'll be a great show, as all of his are. Yet the other part of my mind is wondering what on earth Whedon is doing with Fox. Think about it, this is the network, singularly responsible for the destruction of Firefly, Space: Above and Beyond, and Dark Angel.

It is with startling routine that they decimate and destroy any show with a SF edge to it, which from the description provided in the article this one has. An odd stance since the network was built on the back of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Interestingly enough, the general outline of the series as described, is also very similar to Australian writer Simon Haynes' novel Hal Spacejock: Just Desserts. Which means that he has a bit of a worry that American audiences of the novel would believe he stole the plot from Whedon. Frankly, I have to wonder when one of the publishing houses over here are going to pick up his novels for distribution. It's far past time, in my opinion.

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