Monday, December 31, 2007

10 Resolutions for 2008

I've never really seen the point of New Year's Resolutions. They always seemed so superfluous to me, that I just never really bothered. Couple that with a preacher having once preached that resolutions that we don't keep were like lies to ourselves, then I had even less reason to consider making such things.

Interesting enough, it was Crusader's New Years post over at That Anime Blog which made me reconsider. He pointed out:

Note that a resolution is hardly a promise just a simple goal for the year that you may or may not ever fulfill given how lazy the average human is. Like most Americans I tend to make more resolutions than I actually see through and even then rarely ever successfully. But it serves nicely to see how little progress I make in improving my life.
It's an interesting take on things, and being the geek that I am, I had to go see how correct his definition was. So, I hiked over to our local dictinoary website, and looked up the definition for resolution, and was provided this:
A course of action determined or decided on.
Not a bad definition, and it appears that that blogger was closer than that old preacher ever had been. There is no thought of promises or any form of contract here. It is just something that I've determined to accomplish over the course of the next 365 days.

So, without further ado, here are my resolutions:
  1. Get back into drawing. I know that I've been telling myself this one for years, but it's something that I really want to get back into. My goal is that for this time next year, I'll have the start of a web-comic in place.
  2. Original Fic. I will finish my original fiction story.
  3. Lose 30 lbs. I'm nearing 200lbs these days. Sitting at a desk, being happily married, such things are anathema to maintaining ones weight. Somehow, I will find the time to lose that weight. Which means I'll probably have to get up at 5:30 or some similar God forsaken hour and go running.
  4. Write more for my other blogs. I need to produce more content for both my programming blog and the KrashPAD, and I need to do so without sacrificing content that is generated for No Krakana. Either that or fold everything into one blog. That was something I really had not wanted to do, as I like the thematic separation which distinct blogs provides.
  5. Read the NJO in order from the beginning. Does one really need to explain Star Wars?
  6. Get a pay raise. What can I say, I like money.
  7. Finish unpacking. We still have boxes hanging out in the garage. I need all of those things out of there, so I can start parking in there, and so we can get a deep freezer.
  8. Convince my wife of the need to have a Star Wars ForceFX Lightsaber for the mantle. Yes, I know that I'm dreaming of this one, but hey, I can resolve myself to try, right?
  9. Finish my programming project. This one means a lot to me, I have got to get this done, which means I need to focus time to it.
  10. Find a trustworthy baby sitter. I can admit that we're a bit... protective of our kids. Regardless of that, we need to find ourselves someone's teenage daughter that we trust enough to watch our monsters so we can have the occasional night out. How else am I going to get to see all those SF movies that are appearing in theaters over the next year.
So, those are my 10. Now that I have them written down, is it not customary to promptly ignore and forget them? So, what resolutions are you going to forget about this year?


RJ said...

I'll second the motion about losing weight. I am also pushing the big 200. And I'm in the midst of negotiating a possible new job for more money and I'm getting close to finishing the NJO. That's some quality overlap there. :)

Stephen Wrighton said...

Well, I hope that you get the new job an more money. I know that my job switch got me more, but as always I want more ;)

And yeah, some quality overlap. :D

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