Monday, December 31, 2007

2007, an Anime Year In Review

Well, apparently it's common in the anime blogging world to do a year-end recap detailing their favorite animes for the year, and the reasons behind that. Look for something similar next year. I was a tad busy this year for such an exercise, but hey, I do do a bit of anime blogging here, so I figured a micro-version, in the form of a top-10 list, would work. Apparently, I've been infected with a top-10 bug this weekend.

10. The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. This show is about a girl who has the power to create and destroy reality at whim. Fundamentally, it's a show about a girl and the guy who loves her, and that she loves, though neither wish to admit that. Trapped around Suzumiya Haruhi are the very things that she hunts for, yet which she feels must not truly exist in this world. It's an interesting set up. One of the characters even goes so far to hail her as the god(dess) of this world, which given her powers is perfectly understandable. Of course, that concept breeds worry, because Suzumiya is bossy, brash, and has a tendency to enforce her will on those around her. Yet despite all that, I enjoy the series.

9. Manabi Straight. The other show about a goddess. Yet, while Haruhi is a goddess in the classical Greco-Roman sense, Manabi is a goddess more in line with Judeo-Christian sensibilities. She inspires and helps others to do their best. She provides an energy and a power to those around her, rather than running ram-shod over those too slow to keep up with her. Of course, I liked it above and beyond the fact that it provides a good counter-point to Haruhism; in fact I watched this series first, and I've still yet to get the last few volumes of the Haruhui DVDs.

8. Kimikiss Pure Rouge. This was actually a toss up between this series, and the fun Myself; Yourself. Unfortunately, the latter ended leaving me feeling confused and less than thrilled, while this one is still going on, and the storyline is building up.

7. Clannad. Basically, this year's Kanon.

6. ef - A Tale of Memories. This was an odd experience. A splash of surreal colors and themes, coupled with intersecting love stories and deep themes. I'm hoping to do a marathon watch of this series, and write a more formal review, but despite what some critics think, I thought it was a good series.

5. Zombie Loan. Zombie hunters. Zombies. Chibi Shinagami. And a girl that can see those that are near death. I enjoyed Zombie Loan just for the sheer energy the show gave off, and the utter enjoyment I got watching it. No complicated story lines, no enthralling romances, just good old fashioned zombie killing fun.

4. Sky Girls. This was probably my guilty pleasure out of all the animes I watched this year. Truthfully, I didn't expect to like this show. I thought the entire premise was weak. Yet, once I started watching it, I found that I actually enjoyed it. Basically, it took all of the fun of Rocket Girls, and made it even better.

3. Coil - A Circle of Children. Intelligence For The Win! Being a bona fide computer geek, I couldn't help but like this show. A wide-area virtual reality network, accessible via specially built glasses, and complete with tactile feedback. Just the setting makes my computer geek alarms go off. Then couple that with a compelling storyline, and you've got an awesome anime.

2. Hitohira. This is the show that made me realize just how much I like drama/slice of life animes (I reviewed it here). I feel sorry for all the anime fans state's side that won't get to watch this series if it never gets licensed.

1. Sōkō no Strain. This was my favorite show from this year (see my review here). I loved the character designs, the plot, story and even the themes the story was built around. I'd be ecstatic if they continued making shows this good. Unfortunately, we're also getting things like Heroic Age.

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