Monday, December 3, 2007

The ills that befall a SF Fan...

It's another Monday morning here in No Krakana land, and as usual, I'm up to my armpits in computers and SF goodness.

On the SF Book front, as noted last week, I recently, finally, found myself a copy of the Niven novel Ringworld. It was a great read, and goes firmly on my stack of books that need to have reviews written (a stack that includes the Tremaire series of novels by Noami Novik). Additionally, I went to a Borders for the first time (we didn't have one in Pensacola) this weekend, and picked up the latest Star Wars novel: Fury. That is read, and its review will probably be up before any of the others, as it goes to TheForce.Net in addition to being displayed here.

Truthfully, I'm still pondering whether or not I should request a Kindle from the gift fairy (i.e. my Beloved Wife) as it is an incredibly interesting device. How can I not love a device that has a rudimentary web browser, cross-nation, free WIFI internet, and is literally designed to allow you to read books on it. Of course, I still have my concerns about the device (and Sony's eReader 2) which I listed in this previous article.

Anime-wise it's a fun time in Denmark... or Mississippi as the case may be. First, the series that are currently on-going in Japan are happily being consumed here States-side by yours truly, and I'm enjoying them. My current list of anime that I'm watching is:

  • Dennou Coil (which is almost over)
  • Sky Girls (again, almost over)
  • ef - A Tale of Memories
  • Clannad
  • Bamboo Blade
  • Blue Drop
Additionally, I have a couple of things that I plan on watching over lunch breaks, once I get either an iPod a gen2 Zune:
  • School Days
  • Lyrical Magical Girl Nanoha Strikerz
Beyond that, new content is appearing on Anime Network On Demand which I'm thoroughly enjoying. Venus versus Virus is up there (episode 2 was watched Saturday) as well as Tokyo Majin. Oddly, Air TV and Ah! My Goddess 2: Flights of Fancy and Kurau Phantom Memory are listed in the online VOD Schedule for Comcast. I say oddly, because they didn't show up on the "Just Released" section for the channel. Yet another reason to snarl at Comcast I guess.

Anyways, there is no AniMonday tonight, as it has been subverted by the Tin Man miniseries. Next week, we get a movie though--Perfect Blue. This has nothing to do with Blue Drop, and promises to be an interesting movie. Depending on how I'm feeling, I may just record it on the DVR rather than watching it tonight. After the new years apparently they're restarting Noein from the beginning as well as launching the series Tactics. I'll probably record both--as that'll give me a chance to watch Noein in order from the beginning for a really good review of the series.

Speaking of Tin Man though, I set to record it on my DVR last night, forgetting the fact that I have a tech coming out today to do some maintenance on my DVR, which will probably mean that it gets replaced wholesale. Yet that's okay, because it's the SciFi channel and that means taht we'll get Tin Man repeated at least once every three days for the next two months.

Well, that's all the rambling I have for this week, if anyone has seen Tin Man I'd like to hear about your impressions, at least before I waste 4 hours of my life watching it.

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