Friday, December 21, 2007

It's Friday!

Well, it's been a bad week for SF Television this week.

Not only has the Writer's Strike hastened early season ends to many of the shows on the boob-tube, but now USA has announced that they have dropped both The 4400 and The Dead Zone. The list of dead shows from NBC Universal also includes: Journeyman, Chuck, and there are rumors that The Bionic Woman is not coming back.

On, the other hand, movie news things are looking up. We have Jackson on board for The Hobbit and better yet there are rumors that Sam Riami is going to helm that one. Also, the Wachoski brothers are pushing us Speed Racer, and Chow Yun Fat has been announced as a member of the Dragonball cast. And then has this wonderful article. The only problem on the movie front is the usual utter disregard for genre flicks when it comes to awards.

But enough about that; I'm annoyed at Anime Network On Demand. I thought this was a great thing, that there would be Anime available all the time to watch. Sure, I've seen the first few episodes of Virus versus Venus, and the first episode of Tokyo Majin. Yet, that's all they've put up. I'd have better luck watching Anime if I had the regular Anime Network. I'm enjoying Adult Swim On Demand much more, as I've been watching Samurai Champloo and Eureka 7 in order on there.

Oh well.

I do have a new book though. I've gotten my hands on the second in the Hal Spacejock series, titled: Hal Spacejock: Second Course. I did happy, freaky dance when I realized what was in that white mailing package from Australia. Of course, my wife fussed when she realized that I had left a stack of bills unopened in order to open the book.

Again, Oh well.

Next week, I'm going to go watch AvP:R with the Mandalorians, and I'm hoping to convince the Mrs. that we need to go see I Am Legend one night while her mother is in town for Christmas.


Dawn said...

Hmmm...I am Legend....I don't think they are playing that movie around here. But we could go see August Rush! :)

Stephen Wrighton said...

oh, I'm positive they're playing I am Legend around here...

But what's August Rush? You know my opinion about musicals.

And movies about music....

And musicians....

And Keri Russell...

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