Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday Morning Rambling for December 17th

And I'm once again back to my usual, boring blog title. I like the random ones, but on occasion, I just have too much to do. Anyways, coming up for this week will be my review of Star Wars: Fury, and my top 10 Star Wars stories. Additionally, I'm hoping to put together a year-in-review post, but who knows if I'll have the time and energy to accomplish that.

After all, it's not like I have extreme amounts of time these days. What with my job, family and having to deal with chores, it seems that I barely have the time to read my two novels a week, watch a few hours worth of anime, write a couple thousand words daily and work on programming side-projects. And somehow, I really want to put drawing back into that particular picture. Oh well.

Anyways, this evening, Blood the Last Vampire and Dead Leaves will be on AniMonday. Both of which promise to be interesting anime series.

Which reminds me. Saturday night, me and the family went to the Mandalorian's Christmas party. The Mandalorians are a fan-club set up here in the Jackson, Mississippi area. We had a great time, though my wife was a bit flabbergasted. I had purchased the Dark Crystal manga, and my wife thought it was going to bomb as a gift. Imagine her surprise when it was passed around a number of times via the "Dirty Santa" game.

Of course, now she questions why I have such a hard time getting her a gift.

For some odd reason, she's not accepting the 'but I understand them' response.

Oh well. I did find out some information about the Galaxy of Stars Con which is held here in Jackson. Which means to say that I found out that it is definitely not worth the money they're charging for it.

And I was so looking forward to actually going to a convention.

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