Monday, December 10, 2007

Yet Another Monday Morning in SF Land...

I've been hiding. Not from my family mind you, but rather from all those folks I normally interact with on the net. Why?

Two reasons. The first is that I'm re-reading the Harry Potter books which I own (the last 4 for those curious). The second reason is why I am also suffering a few blisters upon my right hand: yard work.

Yes, imagine our great surprise that after all the leaves had fell from the tree that's nearly directly in front of our front door that lo and behold we had numbers up on the edge of the roof right above the front door. So a quick trip to Lowes later, and I had myself a saw and a few other tools, and was trimming the tree back so that come Spring it won't cover our pretty numbers.

Anyways, with the writer's strike in full swing, I find myself not that impacted, as most of my television watching habits are imported; such as tonight's airing of Perfect Blue on SciFi's AniMonday. For those curious, I'm also watching Bleach, Inuyasha, DeathNote, Eureka 7 and Blood on Adult Swim.

The other thing of interest for television is that SciFi is airing a Firefly marathon this Friday starting at 7/6 Central. I, like all good SF crazed megalomaniacs, already have the entire series on DVD. Of course, such things as owning where I can watch it whenever I desire won't keep me from subjecting my wife to it all over again.

Also, expect the review of the latest Star Wars novel (Fury) to be up sometime very soon. As well as one of my fun little essays which I'll occasionally throw together. At least that's my hope.

Finally, we've thundered through the day of the year when COSPLAY is socially acceptable in the US, brushed through gluttony day, and we're now pushing through the season when grown men can actually go into the toy department without their kids and not get evil looks from the moms hanging out in there.

My question for everyone is: what SF do you expect to find in your stocking this year?

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