Friday, January 11, 2008

It's Friday!

Ah, screaming that out makes one feel like the Spartan Cheerleaders. Plus gets one odd looks from ones co-workers. But, you know, that's okay. I'm something of an odd duck.

Speaking of odd ones, my youngest does take that particular cake. My eldest despised carbonated drinks until just a few months ago. He would just refuse to drink the things. Not that I'm complaining, but it's relevant back story. Well, because of the elder son's penchant for not touching our carbonated refreshment, we kind of... assumed that the younger would act in a similar fashion.

Boy, were we mistaken. My wife took the boy to breakfast this morning, and purchased herself a coke. Well, she got home, she set it on the counter, and turned her back on the boy to do something (one can insert quips about not turning your back on monsters in horror movies here). The next moment she turned around, and her coke was missing.

As was our son.

She walked into our bedroom, and there she found him. He had taken my pillow off of the bed, dropped it to the floor, laid down on it, and then proceeded to attempt to drink from my wife's coke. As is often the case, there was a problem. My youngest does quite well with straws. Provided someone is holding the cup. If no one is holding the cup, he tends to want to treat them like a sippie cup.

Consider that for a moment. Here was this bouncing bundle of 14 month old energy, laying on the floor, head resting on MY pillow, holding a McDonald's coke cup upside down over his face.

Lovely how it was my pillow.

Anyways, onto things that are relevant for someone interested in Science Fiction.

First and foremost, Summer Glau is coming back to our beloved SF genre. After her stint as River on the wonderful Firefly, Ms. Glau is now jumping to a new franchise, and will be a part of The Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles. I BELIEVE that this is the television show, but at the moment, am not 100% certain.

Then someone has posted an open letter to the Sci-Fi Channel. One which I have to agree with whole heartedly. Probably my favorite quote:

Mark Harris was right when he said that science fiction needed to ditch the nostalgia if it’s going to reclaim its integrity. Lucky for those of us who love sci-fi that there’s a whole network devoted to it. I just want them to fulfill their mandate.
Ah, I remember back in the day, when I was excited that I was going to get the SciFi channel. I couldn't wait, and I was almost bouncing about the walls. A dire prospect, as we were in the midst of remodeling.

In other news io9 has provided us this image for the toy line from the superhero television show Heroes. All I have to say is "meh." Though the thought of a brain accessory does sound nifty.

Speaking of nifty, the winter anime season is going strong over in Japan. I'm anxiously awaiting episode two of Macross, H20 and a few others. Additionally, I've culled from my list of shows to watch things such as Rosario + Vampire. Regardless, my days of happy anime viewing are continuing.

Final bit of anime information from my side of the galaxy is that I have finished Sky Girls, and hope to put up a review of that soon.

Other review information is I'm still pushing through the Darth Bane and Hal Spacejock sequels reviews. The Darth Bane one is about a good half way through, while the Hal one is a bit under a quarter done. There are a few things I need to check on for that review, which means I'll need to do another read of that particular novel.

The Mandalorians are planning a movie night for January 22 to see Cloverfield. While I am mildly interested in this particular movie, the evening for such an outing is less than useful, as I've already have plans. After all, a mere 8 years ago on that day, was when I tricked my wife into marrying me. Now, I just got to figure out what bronze artwork she wants.

The only thing I can think of would be this bronze statue by artist Larry Noble:
For some reason, I fear it just might not be what she's wanting though. Man, why do they have to make those anniversary gifts so hard?

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