Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rambling on a Tuesday

Yesterday was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. As a side-note, it was also Robert E. Lee's birthday as well. Sad that we don't celebrate his birth, because he freed more slaves than Lincoln ever did plus he fought for States rights. One has to wonder just how Dr. King would take his birthday being used to push special rights for ethnic minorities. After all, he taught that we should be judged by what we do, and what we're capable rather than some obscene form of Affirmative Action.

But I digress. This is a SF blog, if I wanted to discuss conceivable changes to the past, well, that's what we have alternate histories for. Things such as 1632, which by the way, happens to be a decent book.

Unfortunately, dealing with kids, and then spending time with the family ate up all my weekend, which means I have yet to watch the two episodes of The Connor Chronicles I have sitting on my DVR. A third episode which happened to join them last night. Also, I set the DVR to record Ultraviolet; should be at least an entertaining film.

I hope.

Anime-wise, I've got reviews coming for Skygirls and am happily consuming my host of usual fun things. Next week, on the new "Ani-Tuesday" I'll be watching R.O.D Read Or Die. What's not to love there. Anime + books = greatness.

Speaking of books, my review for Darth Bane: Rule of Two is getting beta'd by one of my compatriots over at TheForce.Net. Once it gets vetted in that way, it will probably be put up both over there and over here. Finally, I'm still in the process of re-reading Hal Spacejock: Second Course for its review.

Well, that's where I'm at this week. I've got a number of fun things waiting in the DVR for me. A couple of fansubs to catch up on, and a book to finish re-reading.

Plus my eyes are still burning over the misery that was Cloverfield.

Alas, I hope new SF content appears soon. My poor abused brain needs it.

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