Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Spice And Wolf episode 3

My Thoughts
No fighting. No swords. No odd ball powers. Barely any drama. What is it that makes me like this series so much? Frankly, it's a great change of pace from some of the other things in my queue to be watched. Persona, Ayakashi & Shana all have the special powers and fights, while True Tears, H20 and Clannad are great for the drama.

Any how, the relationship between Horo and Lawrence is progressing nicely, and it's interesting to see him work through ways to make a profit.

In the end, this episode was similar to the first two, and could be considered more setup, especially in regards to the relationship between the two main characters.

Episode Summary
This episode starts off with Horo and Lawrence carting their way into a city to meet Zeiren. In the market, Horo spies some apples and gets teased a bit by Lawrence. The next morning, they go to a company and sell the furs, with Horo chatting them up to a higher price. Then it's off to see Zeiren to talk about the money deal. After Lawrence agrees, he gives Horo a lesson on the different coins, and there are like a dozen different silver currencies here. The next morning, it's off to sign the contract and then to visit a friend of Lawrence who is a money-exchanger. Enter a bit of jealousy on Lawrence's part, and they discover a bit about the coins. Well, the two have a conversation, where Lawrence realizes he's been tricked, and off he goes to find a way to make himself some more money.

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