Friday, February 1, 2008

Clannad Episode 16

My Thoughts:
It's another fun episode for Clannad. We're firmly in between character arcs, as we have just finished Kotomi's, but I'm stuck wondering if we're going to move on to Tomoyo or Kyou next. There's hints for both, but those dropped the most point towards Kyou.

As for the basketball scene, I'm stuck wondering why exactly it needed to be as long as it was. I understand the point, but come one already. Additionally, why on earth would they have the first years play the first fifteen minutes and then switch out to the third years for the last five. You'd think they'd do it the other way. After all, the Drama club didn't have anyone to switch out with, and those 3rd years were all fresh, while Okazaki, Sunohara and Kyou were nice and tired from having played fifteen minutes already.

In the end, you've got to feel sorry for Sunohara, even though he worked hard for Nagisa.

Episode Summary:
Well, we begin with Okazaki and Nagisa showing Sunohara's little sister, Mei, his room at the boy's dorm. As is typical in these cases, it's an utter mess, which Mei then quickly cleans. During this time, Nagisa lets it slip to Mei that Sunohara has a thing for Okazaki. Shortly there after, Sunohara shows up at his room, for a comedic moment. Finally, Okazaki admits all the little stories that has brought everyone to this point. Mei spends the night with Nagisa, and we get some more of Akio's freakiness. The next morning, Tomoya finds Tomoyo staring off into the trees, and she drags him to school. Sunohara and Okazaki convince Kyou to help them with the 3-on-3 basketball match, but she demands the Okazaki spends some time at lunch with her and her sister. Tomoyo stops by to chat with Sunohara at the start of lunch, leading to a heated conversation between the two girls, and Tomoyo beginning to wonder if she actually likes Okazaki. Then we get ten minutes or so of the basketball game, where Nagisa cheers Okazaki on and he makes the shot. Sunohara, Okazaki and Nagisa drop Mei off at the train station, and then go to a celebration.

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