Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Clannad Episode 17

My Thoughts:

Well, they certainly secreted Nagissa out of the way so that the final two heroines can get some quality time with Tomoya. It also appears that we're going to get both Kyou's and Tomoyo's story arcs running concurrently. It's an interesting decision from KyAni and leads me to think that there's not much hope for either of the two of them. That said, it's great to see Tomoya here as such a strong male lead, especially in the way he's willing to sacrifice for the girls around him.

Which makes how he's ignoring Nagissa while she's on her break seem so out of character for him. Justified shallowly by his ruminations on her dad thanking him for helping her.

Oh well, I'm interested in seeing where those in charge take this series next.

Episode Summary:
Since I'm not feeling that great, I'm leaving this off this week. Sorry.

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