Friday, February 15, 2008

Geekin' for the Weekend

I'm still a bit under the weather, at least so much so that I've not watched that much anime-and in fact I went to bed last night without watching any at all. Sadly, I did watch a good bit of the Lindsay Lohan movie The Parent Trap. Not entirely certain why, but I blame the meds. Hopefully, I'll be feeling better soon so I can resume my blogging about the stuff, but who knows. Maybe this weekend I'll be able to get caught up.

Speaking of this weekend, we have the new Knight Rider coming out on Sunday. Val Kilmer is the voice actor for K.I.T.T. and I'm uncertain if we should be crying or laughing. In the movies, Jumper, The Spiderwyck Chronicles and Diary of the Dead have all been released. All three of which I had wanted to see, but the more I hear about Jumper the more hesitant I am about seeing it. Apparently, Anakin's character here is about as sympathetic as a board. Due to the various reviews I've read it's moved from a want to see, to something I'll go see if there's nothing else playing, and it's the middle of the day.

In more personal news, my youngest has cranked enough experience points out, and raised a level. When he increased his level, he spent those XP on two new skills. He nows holds a level 1 in WORK LIGHT SWITCH and a level 1 in OPEN DOOR. We learned of these new skills the hard way, by him showing them off. The lights thing at 3:30 in the morning, while yelling at nearly full volume. As a side product, he has increased to level 5 in the GET INTO MISCHIEF feat.

On Ani-Tuesday this week, the movie Appleseed was playing. I DVR'd it, expecting to get a bit of time later in the week to watch it, and was highly annoyed to discover that the recording time was off, and it thus chopped off the last few minutes of the movie. So, I spent most of an hour and a half watching this thing, and missed the final five minutes. I have never been so irked at my DVR as I was at that particular moment. Anyways, next Tuesday night's anime fare is a hour-long OVA entitled Kai Doh Maru. Maybe my DVR won't cut off the last five minutes of this one.

That's it for me for this week. I hope to post a few anime episode entries over the next few days, and as usual I'll have a rambling post come Monday morning. Yet also expect another of my more serious entries dealing with the Star Wars expanded universe sometime in the next few days.

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