Monday, February 11, 2008

H20: Footprints in the Sand Episode 6

My Thoughts:
Shin continues his self-appointed task from episode 5 as the great reconciler here. I have to wonder if that is what being Otoha's "promised one" entails. We do get some type of reasoning for Yui's henchmen to be beating the snot out of Hayami, but I personally don't think it's a legitimate reason, and those boys should have known better--regardless of what Yui told them. And that the teacher condoned it makes it all the sadder. Of course, that's the rules of the anime, and if you're willing to suspend your disbelief for thirty minutes, then it makes sense within the construct of the universe.

Also tied to Yui's beatings is the reason why Hayami hates her familial name. In the end, I was taken off guard by the reason. Here, I was thinking supernatural, while the creators had something much more insidious in mind. I think that I can understand what Hayami believes her lot in life is. Yet understanding something is a far cry from being able to accept it. In fact it flies in the face of every fiber of my being.

It's striking how much damage the various families involved here have done to these children. Yui is a hateful shrew, Hinata is overtly obliging, and Hayami determined to make amends for her family. I'm still uncertain where Otoha falls into things, but I have the feeling she'll be involved with some type of family issue somewhere along the way.

Finally, I have to wonder about the possible symbolism of the rolled omelet that is used throughout the episode. If it had been set closer to the New Year, then I would have assumed it was Datemaki, and as such, a symbol for many auspicious days.

Yet since the series is set during the spring or summer, I'm left with the fact that they're the more standard tamagoyaki or dashimaki. I lack even the concept of it being a breakfast food, since this is a traditional lunch item.

Oh well, it's a bit late at night, and I'm still a tad too far under the weather to pretend to be smart.

Episode Summary:
This episode starts off with Yui praying in front of a picture of her grandfather. Then she's on her way to school and she sees that Hinata and Takuma are meeting up with Hayami for the walk to school. Which makes her a tad irate. Flash forward to school time, and the class is up in arms over the fact that Hinata is talking to Hayami (they've seemed to have accepted that Takuma is going to do what he wants). Hayami is hesitant to let that happen, and Takuma kind of talks her into things.

A bit later, we find out that Hinata had made lunch for the three of them, or more accurately for Hayami. While they're eating their classmates show up, and question why Hinata is being friendly to Hayami, with the end result being that Yui declares all three of them roaches.

After school, the three friends go to Hayami's trolley cars for some tea. From there, we learn just why it is that everyone in the town is so mean to Hayami. After Hinata gets home, her grandfather is pushy again.

The next morning, Takuma's uncle goes to wake him up, and we find that he's not in his bed. Then we get a bus scene where Yui, Hajami and Maki are on a bus heading towards the city for some shopping. As the three are walking down the street they hear some voices, and discover that Hinata, Hayami and Takuma had come to the city for some shopping as well. Again, this is to Yui's annoyance. After the two trios met up, they head to a diner for some refreshments, where we learn that Yui and Hayami had ordered the same desert. The two have a speed eating contest, which ends in a duel.

After that, there is a scene where everyone is buying clothes, and when Yui realizes that she had tried on the same thing as Hayami demands the most expensive dress in the store. While this is happening Otoha shows up and tells Takuma that time is growing short.

After the shopping, Yui challenges Hayami to one of those arcade strength/punch tests things. Frustrated by the outcome of the challenge, Yui storms off, leaving her purse. The rest of the gang search for her, until the last bus back home is about to leave. Deciding that Yui went home via a slightly dangerous mountain path, Hayami sends the rest of them home on the bus, and sets out herself on the path.

Yui falls down a slope and comes to rest on the burnt remains of a house. Which is where Hayami meets up with her. We soon learn that this used to be Hayami's house, and we also learn why Hayami is so willing to be beat up by Yui and her henchmen.

After Yui's little breakdown, Hayami picks up a peice of burnt, broken porcelain and has a flashback to how her home life used to be.

The next day, Yui prepares lunch, and as the portions are being passed out, she gives Hayami an omelet.

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